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Walmart Employee Discounts and Associate Perks

What is Walmart’s policy on coupon and discounts for its workers? The answer is not as clear as one might home for during a cursory glance at company policy manuals and employee handbooks.

Employee Discounts for Walmart Workers?

Price reductions beyond Walmarts already famous low, low prices are available for workers, but there is little enshrined in company policy to memorialize such a perk. The Walmart associate discount card is a good place to start to undertant Walmart’s coupon and discounts policy for its workers, employees, and even executives.

Walmart Associate Discounts Program in Detail

The employee discount card offers a 10% discount on general merchandise and fresh produce. (However fresh produce is defined – an attempt at liberal social engineering by the world’s behemoth retailer – clever!) The best thing about this benefit to Walmart employees is that their spouses and dependents qualify for the discount as well. This is a not insignificant advantage in terms of purchasing power for workers, but does beg the questions as to whether this sort of thing fosters a “company store” type dependency on Associates.

Can Associates Receive a Discount Elsewhere?

BY the looks of things, Walmart Associates receive a free Sam’s club membership at that chain of bulk discount spaces. It’s unknown as to whether Walmart as reciprocal associate discount agreements with other retailers. It’s possible – but unlikely.