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Walmart Greeter Jobs – Become a Walmart Greeter

Are you interested in applying for Walmart greeter jobs in your community? Read on for information on the hiring process and job qualifications to become a Walmart Greeter at your local Walmart store.  All around the country, the Walmart corporation is hiring Americans of all ages for greeter positions. Certainly, senior citizens compose a large percentage of the Walmart greeter workforce, but these fun and engaging jobs are actually open to workforce members of all ages.

Can I Become A Greeter at Walmart

Of course, the application process is no different from any other position at Walmart. To qualify, you’ll have to be able to legally work in the United States and pass a series of interview and resume requirements.  Competition for these jobs can be somewhat tight depending on which city you live in. However, most folks that strive to become Walmart greeters, provided they put in enough effort, eventually achieve their goal of landing a position right out in front of a branch of the world’s most sophisticated and far-flung retail operation.

Walmart Greeter Jobs History and Background

Traditionally, these jobs were given to older people – senior citizens already retired and looking for second jobs – or those who were looking to supplement their social security with additional income from their Walmart greeter job. The image of the silver-haired and gregarious Walmart greeter has become an iconic signifier in American cultural and economic lore.

Current Status of the Job Functions and Requirements for Walmart Greeters.

These days, the first person to greet you when you come through the doors of Walmart is more likely to be an age-diverse employee of either gender and any ethnicity. The company has made a real effort of late to make diversity a priority in its hiring practices. You’ll find a wider array  of different greeters working at Walmart today as opposed to the more homogenous 1980s.

Future of the Position of Greeter at Walmart

Who can say what employees greeting customers at Walmart will look like in the future? Perhaps human greeters will be phased out entirely in favor of smart-phone-compatible-robots? While unlikely, it does give one pause to think that such a famous part of Walmart stores and culture could one day evaporate as quickly as the competing mom and pop stores Walmart has bested by the hundreds in its relentless march across the American landscape. BUt never fear, in some shape or form, Walmart will continue to employ older Americans, younger Americans – all types of Americans.  It’s simply to expensive to in-source jobs from foreign countries and most likely will be through the remainder of the 21st century – at the end of which consumers will surely be buying all their worldly needs in some as-yet-to-be-invented cyber format.